Thursday, September 1, 2011

We need activists who are ready to turn it up to 11!

We want to put together a new environmental activist group that takes a unique & creative approach to communicating environmental awareness.  We are looking for people with the following qualifications:
  • You have to be fearless*
  • You have to be nonviolent
  • You have to be passionate when it comes to saving the planet
  • You have to be over 20
  • You have to be ready to try a more daring (but still nonviolent) tactic than that advocated by the rest of the environmental groups out there
We are especially looking for people with backgrounds in activism and webpage management.

If you are interested, e-mail and get the full details.

*The following fears are acceptable: fear of heights; fear of dental work; fear of whales; fear of watching the world turn into a steaming pile of concrete; fear of having to explain to your children & grandchildren why we stood by helplessly as an apathetic and misinformed population triggered the sixth great extinction event, essentially dooming mankind to pay for its ancestors' mistakes for the next 100,00 years; gerascophobia; fear of a world without snow leopards, pandas, and turtles; and of course, arachnophobia.